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Our Services

We specialize in highly-unique services that no one usually considers until there's an issue. That's where we step in and help with our Solutions.


We want to be top-of-mind always.

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Sludge Hauling, Wastewater Hauling,
Vacuum Truck Services, and Liquid Waste Solutions.

Vacuum Truck Services


Dalton Service Company LLC, didn't become The #1 Company In Liquid Waste Management overnight.


For more than 25 years, Joe Dalton and his team have been helping our customers with their unique projects by providing a wide array of equipment offerings paired with the most skilled technicians. Whether it be a small 250 gallon storage tank full of wastewater or a multi-million gallon sludge lagoon that needs cleaned [requiring special equipment and expertise], Dalton’s Service Co., LLC, can handle anything you throw at them. We maintain a vast assortment of small-to-large vacuum trucks, unique pumps, heavy equipment, and the knowledge to solve your problems regardless of job size.


Some Vacuum Truck Services We Provide:

  • Sewage Plant Pumping and Cleaning: Do you need sludge and grit pumped from your plant? Does your digester, chlorine contact tank, sludge tank, or grit chamber need cleaned and you do not have the equipment or manpower to tackle the task? Count on Dalton’s Service Co., LLC, to get the job done without you worrying how to orchestrate such a task. We have the equipment, experience, and manpower to tackle your problems. 

  • Office Trailer Holding Tank Pumping: Have a holding tank system that requires regular attention? No problem. We can place you on a regular schedule and come out automatically so you no longer need to worry about your system overflowing. We can even coordinate so one of our city water trucks can regularly replenish your fresh water tank.

  • Commercial and Industrial Wastewater Hauling: Do you have some wastewater you need hauled away? We have a fleet of vacuum trucks and experienced technicians available to serve you.

  • Leachate Haulings: Is your landfill producing so much leachate you don't know what to do with it? Let our experienced technicians haul it away. Our fleet can handle the most intense leachate hauling demands.

  • Water Plant Tank Cleaning: Are your sediment tanks so full that it is making it hard to clarify your water? We have the equipment and experience you need to clean your tanks in record time to minimize your downtime.

  • Car and Truck Washes: Are your pits so full that if you wash one more vehicle water is going to flood out your bay doors into the parking lot? Turn to us for the equipment and experience necessary to make your next shutdown quick and flawless — minimizing your downtime and headaches.

  • Unique Needs: We’re good listeners! Do you have a unique need you believe Dalton Service Co., LLC, can handle with its extensive equipment offerings and industry leading knowledge? Call us at 724-752-4545 and let's discuss how we are going to tackle your next project. You’re never in this alone!​


Grease Trap / Restaurants

Dalton Service Co., LLC, is the area's premier grease trap cleaning provider. We understand the importance of keeping your grease trap clean and in compliance with all regulations — so you can focus on what you do best. Whether you have a small 5-gallon inside trap or a huge 25,000-gallon outside trap, we can tackle any size grease trap with ease. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, you can count on us to completely clean your grease trap on time so you no longer have to deal with the calls from the sewer authority to tell you your FOG levels are to high, customers commenting how the parking area behind the restaurant stinks, or dreaded plugged up lines and a kitchen back-up.

We can place you on a regular cleaning schedule to be serviced during your closed business hours — to reduce the negative impacts of unpleasant odors on your business. Each time we clean a grease trap, all content, including water, is completely removed. The grease trap walls are scraped clean and the condition of the tank, including baffles, is visually inspected. Our team notes any issues to help the manager address any progressing problems. Call us today at
724-752-4545 to schedule a single appointment or discuss how to be added to our regular cleaning schedule.

Roll-Off Container Rentals

Are you cleaning out your basement and need a place to discard your junk? Are you starting a roofing project and need a place to put all the old shingles? Is your de-watering press making so many solids you do not know what to do with it? Whatever your needs you can count on Dalton Service Co., LLC, to provide you with a roll-off dumpster to meet your needs. Our fleet of well maintained roll-off trucks run daily — delivering our 10-yard, 20-yard, and 30-yard dumpsters for rental.

We regularly rent dumpsters for the following projects:


  • Residential Clean-up Projects

  • Construction Projects

  • Industrial and Municipal Projects​

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Septic Services

Bulk Water Delivery

Are you getting a new swimming pool liner and the pool installers are requiring a lot of water? Are your holding tanks empty? Do you have an industrial project coming up that requires steady source of clean city water? Are you running pipeline and require a lot of water to make your drilling slurry or to pressure test your line?


Whatever your water needs you can count on Dalton Service Co., LLC, to meet your bulk fresh water needs. We have a dedicated fleet of water trucks which fill only with crystal clear clean city water from municipal sources so you can rest assured the water you receive from us will be clean and contamination free. Once on the project, our knowledgeable and friendly staff will run hose from the parking location of their truck to whatever you need filled. Our water trucks all have at least 150 feet of hose, 2 and 3 inch cam-lock adapters for both male and female.  And, for pools, a diffuser to disperse the water into smaller streams to help prevent damage to your pool bottom. If you need a special fitting or more than 150 feet of hose to reach the water project, please alert our friendly secretary so we can do our best assisting you with your next big project.


Projects To Which Our Water Trucks Regularly Deliver Bulk Water:

  • Commercial and Industrial

  • Residential

  • Swimming Pool Water

  • Natural Gas Industry​

You can count on Dalton's Service Co., LLC, as the area's leading septic service provider. We will be there for you when you need us. Whether you're trying to prevent future issues by getting your septic tank pumped or if you are in the middle of a nightmare with sewage backing up into your basement, you can count on our extremely knowledgeable staff and vast equipment to be there when you need us most. Being in the industry for over 40 years, Joe Dalton has personally experienced a vast amount of situations and has the knowledge of how to solve your problems. He has passed this knowledge on to all of his technicians so you can rest assured knowing when we show up, you are getting the best service and advice in the industry. Their main priority is to educate you on your system and proper maintenance to economically help prevent future issues and be there when you need them.


Septic and Residential Services we provide include:

  • Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning: Scheduled cleaning of your septic tank is critical to maintaining a healthy septic system for years to come. Regularly cleaning the septic tank prevents harmful solids from entering the drainfield [which cause it to plug up over time]. A plugged up drainfield leads to costly repairs and dreaded BACKED UP DRAINS!!!! Leachbed damage can go undetected for decades then all of a sudden can wreak havoc for the homeowner. During the cleaning, our highly trained technicians will observe tank levels, septic tank conditions, be alert for indications of baffle damage and visually inspect the baffles if visible from the surface. Upon completion, our technician will alert you of any issues they notice during the cleaning. Our technician will also recommend what kind of pumping schedule to follow in the future based on a number of factors — not limited to, but including how many occupants use the property regularly and the solids level at pumping. 

  • Holding Tank Pumping: Have a holding tank system that requires regular attention? No problem. We can place you on a regular schedule and come out automatically so you no longer need to worry about your system overflowing.

  • Sump Pump Replacement: We will assess your situation, make a professional recommendation, and replace your pump so you can stop worrying.

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